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Hide subtree Material well-being..
Material well-beingAverage disposable income20.81322093
Children in poor homes11.79135221
Educational deprivation2.2
Hide subtree Housing and environment..
Housing and environmentOvercrowding19.7
Poor environmental conditions10.5
Hide subtree Educational well-being..
Educational well-beingAverage mean literacy score520
Literacy inequality1.610349213
Youth NEET rates7.4
Hide subtree Health and safety..
Health and safetyLow birth weight6.4
Infant mortality5
Breastfeeding rates92
Vaccination rates (pertussis)92.2
Vaccination rates (measles)94
Physical activity ..
Mortality rates23.66
Suicide rates8.512646079
Hide subtree Risky behaviours..
Risky behavioursSmoking..
Teenage births14.3
Hide subtree Quality of school life..
Quality of school lifeBullying..
Liking school..
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